Chuck Yeager Tells How He Saves Another Pilot From Hypoxia

(old damaged video) Courtesy ATFSCrash
Flight Safety Training Aerospace physiology is part of a military training for crew that flies on high-altitude flights, part of that training is how to recognize symptoms in yourself or in other people. The symptoms can be much like alcohol, it can affect different people in different ways. Stupor, slurred speech, amnesia, feeling of well-being, overconfidence, loss of coordination, mental confusion, argumentativeness, etc… Chuck Yeager was/is a smart cookie, he spotted a wingmen’s errors, he tried to alert the pilot in distress, but the pilot in distress became combative, rather than to try to win an argument, Chuck Yeager used psychology, he used the pilot’s compassion to save him. Chuck Yeager made up a white lie/a diversion, Yeager said he had a flameout, which alerted the pilot in distress and fed on the distressed pilot’s sense of loyalty and compassion. So the pilot in distress followed Yeager to a lower altitude, where the pilot recovered without mishap.


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